The Smile Quiz

What would your ideal smile look like? Let’s discover your amazing smile! The following quiz will help you determine what attributes you’d like to see in your own smile, and which cosmetic dental treatments could make your dream smile a reality.

Before we begin, grab a mirror or look at a photo of yourself smiling.

COLOR: What shade would you say best describes your teeth?

  1. Bright white
  2. Barely off white
  3. Yellowish
  4. Bluish
  5. Brownish
  6. Grayish

Barely off white is the shade we shoot for in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth enamel is naturally an off-white shade, but as enamel is subjected to elements over time, it stains. Teeth that appear yellowish, bluish, brownish, grayish, or otherwise too far from true white may benefit from teeth whitening. Bright white teeth are often associated with beauty pageants and can look unnatural, so finding the perfect hue for your pearly whites is ideal. Dr. Green can help you determine the extent of teeth whitening to bring out your smile’s best shade of white.

SPACING: How would you describe the spaces between your front teeth?

  1. Wide between the front two
  2. Pretty widely spaced
  3. No space at all
  4. A thin line of space between
  5. My teeth overlapping

No space at all or 4) A thin line of space between are the best situations. Uneven or wide spaces, or overlapping teeth, are not optimal for aesthetics. Dr. Green offers veneers, bonding, and crowns to correct wide spacing, and orthodontics can address wide or crowded spacing.

COMPLETENESS: Are you missing teeth?

  1. No
  2. Only in the back; you can’t tell when I smile
  3. Yes, right in the front

No missing teeth should be the answer. If you are missing any teeth, even back teeth that do not show when you smile, they should be replaced. Missing teeth cause stress on remaining teeth, so they may wear out and fail. Also, spaces left by missing teeth promote drifting, which involves remaining teeth shifting toward the space. This alters occlusion and can completely change the spacing of teeth that show when you smile.

BITE: When your upper and lower arches are touching (mouth closed, lips open), how do your top teeth fit in relation to the lower ones?

  1. The upper teeth barely overlap the bottom teeth
  2. The upper teeth protrude, and there’s a good sized space between them and my bottom teeth
  3. The upper teeth don’t touch the bottom ones in front; they arch up in the middle
  4. The upper teeth sit a bit to the side on the bottom ones, not completely straight
  5. The upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth; my lower teeth protrude past my upper teeth

For answers to this and the remaining questions, schedule a consultation with Dr. Green today! Call (817) 653-8859.

HEIGHT: Which description best suits your smile, when you smile naturally?

  1. Only my top teeth show
  2. My top and bottom teeth show

GUM LINE: How would you describe the look of your gums on your top teeth?

  1. My teeth look short, the gums are quite bulky
  2. My gums are uneven across my top front teeth
  3. Fine – I’ve never really noticed my gums

LIP LINE: Smiling naturally, where does your upper lip fall on your top teeth?

  1. A lot of my gums show when I smile
  2. Sometimes you can see a bit of my top gums, but it looks fine
  3. Only the bottom half of my top teeth show when I smile

OVERALL BALANCE: Looking at your full face, which description best suits your smile, in relation to your other facial features?

  1. My smile seems the right size, compared to my eyes, nose, and cheeks
  2. My smile seems small, compared to my eyes, nose, and cheeks
  3. My smile seems huge, compared to my eyes, nose, and cheeks
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