Fort Worth Dental BridgesWe have assisted many of our patients in maintaining the appearance and integrity of their smile with dental bridge restorations. Over the years, we have answered many questions about this procedure to help patients understand how a single missing tooth can negatively impact their overall dental health. We share these Q&As below:

My missing tooth isn’t noticeable, why should I replace it?

Your teeth depend on each other to stay in place. When you lose a single tooth, regardless of its impact aesthetically, the gap can cause a lot of problems for the integrity of your remaining teeth.

What can happen if my tooth is not replaced?

There are a number of undesirable side affects a missing tooth can cause including:

• Your teeth can begin to shift and drift.
• When teeth shift this can lead to bite issues which can lead to further issues including TMJ (temperomandibular joint) problems.
• Shifting teeth can also lead to periodontal disease.

Why is a dental bridge a good option to replace my missing tooth?

Dental bridges are a practical solution for your missing tooth as they can assist in maintaining the integrity of your remaining teeth. They also offer a very attractive option and assist in maintaining your charming smile.

What kind of dental bridges are there?

We offer three types of dental bridges to our patients:
• The Fixed Bridge is very popular. It is affixed with two crowns, which are used to cover the two adjoining teeth, with the new replacement tooth secured in the middle.
• The Maryland Bridge is a solution we sometimes use for front teeth as they provide a natural looking tooth that is affixed at the back of adjoining teeth with metal bands.

What is involved with having a bridge restoration?

Here are the steps involved when you decide to have a bridge restoration:
• The teeth on either side will have to be prepared with some etching in order to accommodate the crowns.
• Models must be made of the teeth using impressions.
• A temporary bridge or crown will be inserted to protect your teeth while your bridge is being made at a dental lab.
• When your bridge is ready it will be fitted to make sure further adjustments are not required.
• Sometimes we will do a temporary bond to ensure the fit is comfortable.
• Once fit is confirmed the bridge will be permanently affixed.

Your dental crowns will last for 10-15 years with the proper dental care. We invite you to schedule an appointment now to discuss your suitability for dental bridges by phoning our friendly team on 817.737.6601 or emailing.