We love to see the look of satisfaction on our patient’s faces when they see the results of our teeth whitening treatments.

So much so, that we’d like to share some insights into the process involved:

Why not just use whitening products from the drug store?

There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available at your local drug store. Although these can be effective, it takes many applications and they can also have some unpleasant side effects, namely tooth sensitivity. Teeth whiteners have ingredients that can cause discomfort and, when applied at home with store-bought kits, your gums may not be protected from their effects.

As well, because they come as awkward to use one-size-fits-all kits, you run the risk of not using them correctly, resulting in uneven whitening.

Won’t the treatments at your dental office cause sensitivity?

In the past, when providing whitening treatments, dentists used gum protection in order to avoid the discomfort of sensitivity that can result from teeth whitening procedures. This kept your teeth comfortable both during and following the process.

However here at Ft. Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we use a new product called Opalescence which has been formulated with patient comfort in mind.Opalescence-before and after

How does Opalescence work?

Opalescence is a gel containing carbamide peroxide which is chemically activated without the need to apply a bleaching light to activate the treatment. Opalescence contains a concentration of 38 percent hydrogen peroxide compared to over the counter whiteners which contain from 3 to 10 percent.

Isn’t whitening bad for my teeth?

Opalescence contains potassium nitrate and fluoride in order to provide you with improved oral health. These ingredients work together during the whitening process to strengthen enamel, prevent cavities and decrease sensitivity.

Does whitening get rid of all stains?

The most common stains seen on our patients’ teeth are caused by:

• Coffee, tea, soda and wine

• Smoking

• Childhood medications or illnesses

• Poor dental hygiene

The teeth whitening process we use can make these stains appear far less prominent and in most cases you will see noticeable results.

How long does whitening take?

When you receive a one hour Opalescence treatment you will see immediate results.

What if I am too busy to book treatment?

Opalescence can also be applied at home with a prescription and custom-made trays.

How long does it last?

The build up of stains happens gradually over time. We can provide you with tips to keep your teeth looking whiter longer as well as offer product advice to help maintain your new bright smile.

We invite you to schedule an appointment now to discuss our teeth whitening services by phoning our friendly team on 817.737.6601 or emailing.