Porcelain Crowns Can Give You  A Strong, Long Lasting And Natural Looking Smile

Porcelain Crowns with Dr. GreenFor patients who have cracked or broken teeth, dental crowns provide valuable restorations that allow us to rebuild the tooth, restoring both aesthetics and function.

The advent of all-porcelain crowns has provided restorations designed to look just like natural teeth, that we can color and shape in such a way that they blend in flawlessly with your own teeth, so that nobody can ever tell the difference.

In the past, fixing a cracked tooth with a crown meant multiple visits to the dentist office, messy trays used to take impressions, and uncomfortable temporary crowns while you waited for your permanent restorations to be created in an offsite lab.

Fort Worth dentist Dr. Nikki Green wants you to know that those days are over, thanks to the new CEREC® technology offered by Ft. Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. CEREC® allows Dr. Green to diagnose a problem tooth and create a crown to repair the tooth in just one visit.

CEREC® technology takes crowns to a new level and makes them an even more convenient option. This state-of-the-art system allows us to create beautiful and durable restorations from ceramic right here in our office in just one visit, making dental care even more comfortable and simple for you.

To learn more about CEREC® technology or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Green, contact our Fort Worth dental office today.

Why Dental Crowns?

We use dental crowns, also known as “caps,” to repair a range of issues that can cause trouble for your teeth. Some of the most common reasons for a crown include:

  • Repairing a portion of the tooth damaged by significant decay
  • Providing extra stability to a tooth weakened by root canal therapy
  • Restoring a broken or seriously cracked tooth
  • Covering a tooth that has serious cosmetic damage such as bleach-resistant discoloration
  • Replacing a lost tooth as part of a dental implant system

Dr. Green places dental crowns over damaged teeth that she prepares by removing a minimal amount of the enamel layer.

They are bonded in place to provide security and structure to the damaged tooth. The doctor may also place crowns as a restoration for dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Traditionally, dentists have provided patients with dental crowns made from several different materials, such as gold, silver, and other metals, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramics.

Metal crowns provide excellent durability and withstand most biting and chewing forces without chipping or breaking, while allowing the patient to retain more of the tooth’s original structure than other crowns.

Aesthetically, however, metal crowns prove less desirable than other materials because they present dark spots on an otherwise bright smile.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal, or PFM, crowns provide a more ideal aesthetic appearance, but quickly wear down opposing teeth and lead to a dark line at the gums where the porcelain and metal meet.

Ceramic crowns combine the most cosmetically pleasing appearance with great durability, making them the most popular option for patients who need dental crowns.

The ceramic material most closely matches the color of natural teeth and mimics the translucence and reflectivity of tooth enamel, which gives it the most natural appearance.

Ceramic crowns provide resistance to stains, so patients need not worry about getting whitening treatments to keep them looking clean and white.

Dr. Green can design and create ceramic dental crowns right in our office in just one visit, with the use of CEREC® technology.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction.

The system includes an Acquisition unit, which holds a CEREC® camera and computer, CEREC® software, and a milling machine. The camera takes a picture of your tooth, which we use to make a 3D model of it on the computer.

The milling unit creates the actual crown right in the office, ready to be bonded the same day. Used in conjunction with our exclusive Galileos 3D Imaging system, Dr. Green can use CEREC® to create and place an implant and restoration with expert precision in the same visit.

CEREC® even makes it possible to complete several restorations in one visit.

The CEREC® Advantage

In most cases, when you go to a dentist for a crown, the process takes two to three weeks.

First, your dentist has to shape your tooth for the crown, removing just enough of the tooth’s structure for the crown to fit in your mouth. Then the dentist takes impressions that technicians in an offsite lab use to create the crown.

The dentist fits you with a temporary crown, and then sends you home to wait until the crown returns from the lab.

At Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we’ve streamlined the process, allowing us to provide you with a dental crown the very same day, should we determine that you need one.

The process requires no messy impressions or temporary crowns that can be easily dislodged with a bit of dental floss. You will not have to wait around for the call that your crown is ready, because you will walk out of our office with it in place.

CEREC® technology allows us to use digital imaging and modern computer technology to create your crown from a solid block of ceramic right in front of your eyes, carefully matching the shade of the ceramic to the shade of your own teeth so that your crown will blend in beautifully.

As soon as our milling machine completes the creation of your crown, we will bond it in place, and you will leave our office with your permanent restoration.

Placing a Dental Crown Using CEREC®

As with most procedures we perform, the placing of a CEREC® dental crown will begin with a consultation. When you arrive at our comfortable Ft. Worth, TX dental office for your scheduled appointment, Dr. Green will examine your teeth and decide what kind of restoration you need.

If you require a dental crown, she will prepare your tooth by removing any decay and shaping the tooth for the replacement. Next, the doctor will use the CEREC® digital imaging camera to take a digital impression of your tooth.

She will then use the CEREC® software to convert that image into a virtual 3D model, which she will use to design your dental crown. With the click of a button, she will send the design to our milling unit.

Dr. Green will then choose a ceramic block that best matches your natural tooth color and place it in the machine. Within minutes, the milling unit will create your crown right in the office, and Dr. Green can bond it into place permanently.

For our patients who require dental implants, the doctor can also send the virtual 3D model of the restoration to our Galileos® digital imaging system.

The integration of these two systems allows the doctor to use digital images of your entire jaw to plan precision placement for an implant, if one is needed for the restoration, and restore it with a beautifully made ceramic crown.

CEREC® Advancements

Same-day crowns represent a remarkable advancement in dental technology, but CEREC® technology has even more advancements on the horizon.

Dr. Green can now use CEREC® to create porcelain veneers or inlays and onlays, as well as crowns. The company promises advancements in materials available as well, including zirconia, which creates some of the most gorgeous, durable restorations on the market.

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