Same-Day Tooth Replacement

It’s true: you can have a new tooth, or a new set of teeth, attached to dental implants in a single day.

Middle aged business man smiling, arms crossedIf you’re missing a tooth, and the space shows when you smile, imaging having that space filled with a natural-looking replacement tooth in just one dental visit.

If you are missing all teeth and don’t want to go without your denture, but you’re converting to an implant-retained denture, we can give you a full set of teeth, attached to implant posts in one visit.

To find out if you’re a candidate for same-day tooth replacement, call our Ft. Worth dental office today at 817-737-6601, and schedule an appointment.

How It Works

Patients with healthy bone density in the jaw and good oral health usually qualify for the same-day tooth replacement procedure.

To begin same-day tooth replacement procedure, you’ll visit Dr. Green for a consultation, and she will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums. She’ll then use our Galileos 3D imaging system to take x-rays that will allow her to evaluate underling structures, including your jawbone, sinus cavities, nerves, and teeth roots. If she determines that you’re a good candidate for same-day tooth replacement, we’ll schedule your procedure before you leave the office.

Before your next appointment, Dr. Green will completely plan your implant case by selecting the prime location in your jaw for the dental implant post(s). She will prepare a blueprint for your surgery and acquire the appropriate implant(s), abutment(s), and crown or denture.

The day of your procedure, you’ll be made comfortable and anesthetic will be administered. If you and Dr. Green have decided that you’ll receive a sedative, it will also be administered. In addition, if an accident caused a tooth to break and the root is still intact, the root will need to be removed. Likewise, for new denture patients, if any remaining teeth need extraction, they will need removal. Once the mouth is prepared, Dr. Green will install the implant(s) into your jaw, in the precise location dictated on her treatment plan. This will ensure optimal potential for strong bone fusion to the implant and lasting stability. Once all implants are secure, she’ll affix the abutment(s) and crown or denture.

Immediate Load Implants

Implants that can be immediately loaded with a crown or denture are made with a texture and grooves that create more surface area for bonding with bone. This promotes accelerated bone attachment to the implant. Tapering in the implant design also contribute to better initial stability. For a single tooth implant, the crown will be attached so that it does not encounter any biting forces. Dentures, however, will of course encounter biting forces, but the pressure will be distributed over multiple implants.

After three to six months, your jawbone will fuse to the implant posts, a process called osseointegration. After this healing period, you’ll return to our office, and Dr. Green will replace your temporary, same-day prosthetic with the permanent crown or denture(s).

Studies show that immediate load implants have a similar high success rate to traditional implants.

Benefits of Same-Day Tooth Replacement

There are three primary advantages to the patient, when comparing same-day tooth replacement implants to traditional implants.

  • Patient endures just one surgical procedure, rather than two.
  • Shorter treatment time, due to not having to expose the implant once gum has grown over it.
  • An immediate crown or denture can be placed, so the patient does not go without a tooth/teeth.

Schedule Your Examination

Same-day tooth replacement, for crowns or dentures, is a welcome addition to implant dentistry. They allow patients to retain a sophisticated, healthy image while osseointegration makes implants a permanent part of the jaw. If you’d like to learn more about same-day tooth replacement or implant dentures, contact our Fort Worth dental office at 817-737-6601 today to reserve an appointment with Dr. Nikki Green or Dr. Robert Leedy.