Our smiles can be a source of confidence. Unfortunately, unsightly discoloration can also turn our teeth into a source of embarrassment. How do you combat stains? At Ft. Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Nikki Green and our team offer a number of teeth whitening options for helping patient achieve brighter, more beautiful smiles.

Brighter Smiles Quiz

  1. True or False: Certain foods and drinks can stain our teeth.
  1. True or False: Dr. Green offers professional teeth whitening.
  1. True or False: Some discoloration may require veneers.
  1. True or False: Dental bonding can be a cost-effective alternative to veneers.

Answer Key

  1. True. Soda, tea, red wine, and coffee are all examples of drinks that contain dark pigments, which can reduce the appearance of whiteness. Foods high in sugar and other starches can promote plaque buildup, which increases the likelihood of developing yellow or brown stains. Knowing the causes of your smile’s dullness is vital to ensuring your cosmetic results last even longer.
  1. True. We offer two teeth whitening techniques. The first is an in-office procedure. In the span of one and a half to two hours, we will apply a bleaching gel to your teeth, which will be activated with a special light, removing discoloration. The other system is used at home and involves wearing gel-filled bleaching trays for a set amount time each day. Optimal results for the home-based system typically take between one and two weeks.
  1. True. Not all forms of discoloration respond to traditional brightening techniques. In these situations, you may benefit from porcelain veneers. Crafted from thin wafers of porcelain, these restorations are placed onto the front of the teeth visible in your smile. They are stain-resistant and designed to mimic the appearance of surrounding teeth.
  1. True. Bonding involves applying several layers of composite resin to the tooth. This allows Dr. Green to reshape and restore a damaged or stained tooth. She will sculpt the tooth as it’s cured with a special blue light. Bonding can sometimes address many of the same concerns as veneers, but can be completed in a single visit.

Interested in enjoying a brighter smile? Then talk to Dr. Green or Dr Ryan Knight about our cosmetic treatment options. If you have any questions about maintaining oral health, call our Fort Worth dental office today at (817) 737-6601 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Green or Dr Knight.