Dental Implants, Ft. Worth, Cosmetic DentistryWhen you are missing a tooth, you want a solution that will quickly and effectively restore your smile, help you chew your food, and allow you to speak comfortably and confidently. You’re probably also concerned about other issues as while, like aesthetics and cost.

Fort Worth dental implant dentist Dr. Ryan Knight understands these concerns. She is dedicated to providing the most effective solution to your dental problems.

While some solutions for missing teeth are fast and can fill in the gap quickly, they may not be the best option in the long run. Dental implants are an innovative option that don’t just fill in the space left by a missing tooth but provide additional benefits to enhance your smile and your dental (and overall!) health for many years to come.

What’s Wrong With Bridges and Partials?

Bridges and partials are, typically, inexpensive and fast solutions for missing teeth. They fill in the space and prevent your adjacent teeth from “tipping” into the space, which damages your bite and causes inappropriate wear and tear that leads to a host of other problems.

The problem with bridges and dentures is that they don’t do anything to prevent the biggest issue that occurs with missing teeth – bone loss.

The roots of your teeth and your jawbone have a special relationship. Each tooth root stimulates the jawbone in that area to continue to maintain itself and stay healthy. When you lose a tooth and the root is no longer present, this process comes to a halt. With nothing to stimulate it, the bone atrophies and becomes weaker and thinner. Eventually, other teeth are affected and further tooth loss is likely to occur.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

With a dental implant system, a biocompatible metal post, usually made from titanium, replaces your tooth root. This post functions in the same way as your natural tooth root, stimulating the jawbone to maintain bone density and quality.

Even though this is happening beneath your gums, it’s incredibly important to your overall dental health – as well as your appearance. You’re probably familiar with the “sunken” look that accompanies bone loss. Imagine how children imitate someone who is missing teeth by sucking in their cheeks and lips. Dental implants prevent this from happening, allowing you to keep your facial structure.

In addition to preventing loss of valuable bone, dental implants are also the most natural-looking replacement option. The crowns that are usually used to restore dental implants are carefully designed to look just like your own teeth, and once they are put in place, even you might have a hard time telling which tooth is an implant and which is your own.

But Aren’t Dental Implants Expensive?

The cost of dental implants is higher than that of bridges or dentures. Additionally, some insurance plans still aren’t paying for the surgery or the restoration of the implant.

You have to think long term, however. While you may pay less initially for bridges or dentures, these systems aren’t designed to last a lifetime and you will have to replace them eventually. As you lose bone density and the shape of your jaw changes, these appliances will no longer fit properly, opening the door for decay, sores, and bacterial infections. In the end, you may wind up paying far more than you would have for the implants.

If cost is a concern for you, we have options that can help. If you have several teeth to replace, we can discuss the option of implant-retained bridges or dentures instead of replacing each tooth individually with an implant. Additionally, our Fort Worth dental office accepts credit cards and financing through Care Credit and Springstone Financial. Talk to our front desk staff to learn more about these options.

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