Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Oral Surgery, Dr. Nikki GreenWisdom tooth removal is a common procedure. It’s practically a right of passage! While not everyone has to have his or her wisdom teeth extracted, everyone probably knows someone who either needs the procedure or has had it performed.

Have you been told that your wisdom teeth should be removed? You may be feeling some anxiety leading up to the actual procedure. This is normal. Dental anxiety itself is common, affecting millions of people everyday. But dental fear shouldn’t prevent you from getting the care you need.

There are several reasons for removing wisdom teeth. They could be impacted, leading to pain and pressure on your other teeth. They could become decayed or damaged. Or they could be standing in the way of orthodontic treatment and a flawless smile. Whatever the reason, Dr. Green and the rest of the compassionate and understanding team at Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry want to help you so that your extraction procedure goes smoothly and as comfortably as possible.

To help reduce your anxiety prior to the procedure, follow these tips:

1.       Discuss your concerns with Dr. Green.

If you are experiencing anxiety about your dental extraction procedure, please let us know right away. We want to do everything we can to make sure that you’re comfortable and free from stress and worry. We’ll discuss the details of your procedure as much or as little as you prefer as well as the reasons for your procedure. Tell us what you need and how we can help you best.

2.       Talk to us about sedation dentistry.

Many patients with dental anxiety have benefited from the use of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is available in different levels, from nitrous oxide gas all the way to IV sedation, to help you regardless of your anxiety level. We’ll already be using anesthetic during your procedure to keep discomfort at a minimum, so we can discuss which options to add that will help you feel more comfortable and confident.

3.       Consider whether professional counseling will benefit you.

If your dental anxiety is a true phobia (a condition known as “odontophobia”) then professional counseling may help you more effectively deal with your fears. There’s no shame in having a phobia; odontophobia is common and affects all kinds of people, regardless of gender, race, or financial or social status. But a licensed mental health counselor knows how to help you through this level of fear so that you can access the dental care you need and deserve.

Even if your dental anxiety isn’t quite to the point of a phobia, a counselor may be able to help you. Stress is a part of everyday life, and a counselor can teach you relaxation techniques that can be helpful in areas other than the dentist’s office!

4.       Bring something that calms you.

Would it make you feel better to have music to listen to instead of the sounds of the dental office? Bring your iPod and a set of headphones. Do you have any other special requests? We’re happy to discuss these with you and see how we can best accommodate them. Your comfort and health are truly our top priorities, and we want to help you any way we can.

5.       Create a signal.

Are you worried that you won’t have a way to tell us that something is bothering you during your procedure? Having a signal worked out ahead of time (even something as simple as raising your hand) may give you more confidence to go ahead.

6.       Focus on the results.

We don’t extract wisdom teeth for just any reason. If we’ve recommended that your wisdom teeth be removed, it’s because there is a specific need for it. So why are we removing your wisdom teeth?

  • They cause you pain.
  • They cause the rest of your teeth to crowd together.
  • They are prone to infections.
  • They are decayed.
  • They are leading to tooth grinding.
  • You want to have orthodontics but there isn’t enough room in your mouth.

Now, think about the end results. The first one is especially important! We don’t want you to be in pain, and wisdom tooth extraction can give you a whole new lease on life if you are currently suffering from a chronic toothache.

Even if you need wisdom tooth extraction for any other of these reasons, you will experience an improved quality of life. Your teeth will look better, feel better, and the threat of decay or infection will no longer be a concern. Dental infections are linked to other systematic health conditions, and wisdom teeth extraction could be the first step to improving your overall health.

Call Us to Discuss Your Concerns

If you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, call our Fort Worth dental practice today at (817) 484-5774 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Green and the rest of our team. We’ll work with you to help you move past your fears and make your wisdom tooth procedure a success!