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We make sure each patient that comes into our office receives individual care and attention to insure that they have the best experience possible.  That’s why we offer solutions like sedation dentistry and treatment options that utilize the latest in dental technology.  This helps us provide you with a better result and a more pleasant dental experience.

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Fort Worth Dentist Nikki Green

Dr. Nikki Green, DDS
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“My highly trained team and I will use our skill and technology to create your ideal smile, restore your teeth, and provide for you optimum oral health.”

In our office, we are concerned about one thing and that is achieving an outcome that is important to you.  It’s about your goals for your smile and the health of your mouth.  When you come in to our office, we will work with you to create a road map to the result you are looking for and then begin the process to get you there.

Dental Technology That Leads To Better Dentistry For You

In our office, we have a commitment to provide the dentistry you need under one roof.  One piece of equipment that allows us to do this is our imaging technology, Galileos 3D ConeBeam.  This is a 3D Imaging system that allow us to see not only the things normally seen by digital x-rays but also allows us to better diagnose individual teeth, plan for implants and screen for things such as oral cancer.  This gives us a more comprehensive view of your mouth, your air way and allows us to more thoroughly plan for treatment.

Placing Dental Implants In Ft. Worth, Texas

Placing dental implants accurately and precisely is a must in order to achieve the best result for you.  Dr. Leedy has been placing dental implants in his own practice for over 20 years and we are so lucky to have him bring his expertise and provide that service for us on Fridays and Mondays.  Dr. Green and Dr. Leedy always work together to plan your ideal esthetic and functional tooth placement from beginning to end all within the confines of our office.

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“FWCFD is one of the best dentist offices I have ever been to. They are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and the Drs. and office staff are so sweet. I had some major dental work that needed to be done and they did a GREAT job. I am VERY happy with my results.”